A Day in the Life of a Tow Truck Driver

Driving a tow truck is one of the most varied jobs out there. Every day, tow truck drivers are called out to deal with a huge range of different situations. From towing small cars to heavy vehicles and more, a tow truck driver’s job is to make sure your vehicle or load gets to its destination safely. If you’re wondering what a tow truck driver does all day then read on! We’ll look at the types of encounters we attend and the people we help during an average day as a tow truck driver.

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Types of Tow Truck Encounters

Tow trucks are called out to all sorts of jobs throughout the day – and it’s not just moving cars with flat tyres. Every day hundreds of calls come in from all over Brisbane. With a growing population and more people returning to the office, our roads are as busy as ever, and it keeps tow truck drivers on their toes. On the average day, a tow truck driver will be called out to a few main types of encounter:

  • Accidents. Busy roads mean car accidents are a fact of life. Luckily, most accidents are minor. But tow trucks attend all sorts of crashes, from the smallest to the most serious. At major crashes, we’re among the first people on the scene, helping first responders to stabilise cars and gain access to injured passengers.
  • Breakdowns. There’s no such thing as a good time for your car to break down. If it does, your local tow truck driver can help. We’ll get your car loaded up and take it to your mechanic, home or wherever else it needs to go.
  • Private Parking. Some cars are simply parked in the wrong places – taking up private parking or blocking access to other facilities. Tow truck drivers can come out and remove those cars safely. Towed cars get stored at secure bases where the owner can collect them later.
  • Heavy Vehicles. Trucks and other heavy vehicles are usually very reliable. If they break down or are involved in a crash though, specialised heavy haulage tow trucks can get them off the road and to a mechanic.

It’s More Than Towing Cars

Most of the time you’ll see cars loaded onto the bed of a tow truck, so you could be forgiven for thinking that the whole job is towing cars. But, in reality, tow trucks are called out to transport anything and everything. Maybe someone has bought a caravan or trailer that’s too rusty to tow behind a car, or a landscaping team needs some earthmoving equipment transported to their next job. Whatever the case, tow truck drivers can get those people where they need to go.

And the things we tow don’t even need to have wheels – often tow trucks are called out when equipment or static loads need to be moved. Harvey’s Towing operators drive a variety of trucks that are suitable for carrying everything, including large shipping containers. With the help of a crane and the right truck, drivers can transport just about anything.

Tow Truck Maintenance

The last part of a tow truck driver’s day is the maintenance checks they make on their trucks. Whether the driver owns the vehicle or their employer does, most drivers are responsible for the general condition of the truck. That means keeping the cabin and tray clean and tidy, packing away tie-downs, straps and ropes neatly, and inspecting the vehicle for mechanical issues that need to be looked at. You rely on our trucks to be there when you need us, so we make sure they’re always in top condition.

Do You Have a Car, Truck or Load that Needs Towing? Call Harvey’s Towing Today!

No two days in the life of a tow truck driver are quite the same. We’re available to help with everything from simple accidents and breakdowns to towing heavy vehicles and transporting large loads. If you’ve got something that needs to be moved then give Harvey’s Towing a call! Our fleet includes flat beds, heavy-duty tow trucks, car transporters and shipping container trucks, so we can take care of just about any job you can think of. Get in touch with us online or ring (07) 3297 0911 if you need assistance, we’ll send someone to you as soon as possible!