What Can I Do About a Car Parked in Front of My House?

Brisbane is growing fast, and parking is becoming a serious issue, even out in the suburbs. Most households now own two or more cars, which can be a parking nightmare if you’re forced to leave your vehicle on the street.

With streets shrinking, drivers are pushing the limits on when and where they can park their cars. That can be a huge inconvenience if someone ends up blocking your property.

Dealing with a car that’s blocking your driveway or yard can be tricky. While you always have a right to say who can and can’t park on your property, you can’t prevent people from parking in the street. In this article we’re going to look at when people can park outside your house, and what you can do if someone is parked illegally.

Help, There’s a Car Parked in Front of My House!

We’ve all been there. You get home to discover your “usual” spot in front of your house is taken up by someone else’s car. In the worst case scenario, there might not be enough parking for you to go anywhere else. So, what can you do?

The answer is tricky. Roads are a public space, and motorists are typically allowed to park on the side of the road, as long as they are obeying traffic laws and parking regulations. Simply parking a car in front of your house isn’t illegal, and there isn’t much you can do beyond asking the driver to move the vehicle.

If a car that’s parked in front of your house is blocking your driveway, or if they’re parked illegally or contrary to official signs, you can contact the Council to have the vehicle towed away.

Where Cars Can and Can’t Park in Suburban Streets

Most suburban streets are considered unregulated parking areas. That means they’re subject to normal road rules and parking restrictions, and that parking isn’t subject to requirements such as time limits.

In unregulated parking areas within Queensland, drivers can park their cars:

  • In designated parking spots (within the line markings)
  • In accordance with official signage
  • On the left hand side of the road, as close to the curb as safely possible

When parking on suburban roads, you are legally required to leave 3 metres of clear roadway between your vehicle and other vehicles, dividing strips, traffic islands and unbroken lane markings. This allows large vehicles (such as garbage trucks) to pass between parked cars without causing damage.

In Queensland drivers cannot park their cars:

  • On private property without the owner’s permission
  • In a position that blocks or partially obstructs a driveway
  • On footpaths, bicycle paths, shared paths, nature strips or traffic islands

If a car is parked in front of your house and they’re blocking the driveway, roadway, footpath or nature strip, you can report the issue to the police.

You should report cars that are parked illegally or dangerously to Brisbane City Council. Alternatively, you can submit a report to the Queensland Police about suspicious cars, or cars that you suspect are abandoned.

Can I Have a Car Towed Off My Property?

You may be able to have a car towed off your property if you are the owner/occupier and if the car is parked illegally. While it’s a pain to come home and find someone parked on your property, we always recommend contacting Police Link or Brisbane City Council and letting them handle the issue.

Towing cars off private property is highly regulated and should always be done through the proper channels. This not only prevents damage to the towed cars, it allows the owner of the car to easily retrieve the vehicle (which can save you the headache of dealing with them yourself).

If you are a business owner then the situation is a little different. As long as your car park includes official signage stating that unauthorised cars will be towed away, you have the right to remove cars that are trespassing. You must engage an accredited towing operator to remove unwanted vehicles from your property, and you will be required to meet other obligations, such as positing signage. You can find out more about private property towing on the Department of Main Roads website.

Manage Who’s Parking On Your Property with Harvey’s Towing!

It can be a serious hassle to deal with cars that are parked where they shouldn’t be. Even more frustrating, towing away cars that are parked illegally can be something of a minefield, especially when towing from your own house. If you find yourself dealing with this issue regularly, we recommend working with the accredited operators at Harvey’s Towing!

Harvey’s Towing provides private property tow truck Brisbane, Gold Coast and South East Queensland services. We work with private property owners to ensure car parks are used responsibly, and we are licensed to remove unwanted cars from your land. If you want to have a car removed from your property then give us a call – we can assess the situation and let you know whether the vehicle can be towed at the owner’s expense. Contact us to find out more, or call us on 07 3297 0911 to book a Harvey’s tow truck.