Do Tow Trucks Have to Report Accidents?

It’s always a bad day when you’re involved in a traffic accident. Whether it’s a small fender bender or a major collision, sorting out the details is bound to be time consuming. Oftentimes, the most inconvenient part of the process is dealing with the police. The good news is that you aren’t always required to report a car accident! But, if you don’t want to bother the boys in blue, can you still call a tow truck? Or will they be required to report the incident?

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Do Tow Trucks Have to Report Accidents?

No. In Queensland, there is no legal requirement for tow truck drivers to report vehicle accidents to the police. Tow truck drivers are providing a service. Their job is to help you deal with the aftermath, and they technically aren’t involved in the accident.

Regardless of what the tow truck does, drivers of crashed vehicles are required to report an accident to the police if:

  • Someone dies
  • Someone is injured and needs medical attention
  • One of the drivers refuses to provide their details
  • A vehicle is not driveable

You should also contact the police if you’re unsure whether the crash meets the above criteria. If that happens, phone 000 and request the police. The operator will figure out whether police need to attend the accident.

If you’re involved in an accident that’s not “reportable,” you can file a police report anyway. Your report might be used when making an insurance claim, so it’s a good idea to file a report online or at your local police station. The police usually won’t investigate these types of accidents – but having the report is useful when dealing with your insurer.

Visit the QPS website to find out more about your responsibilities following a traffic accident.

When is a Car “Driveable”?

As mentioned above, not all car accidents are required to be reported. If no one is injured then you usually don’t have to call the police. However, if one of the vehicles is damaged, you should think twice before driving away.

Modern cars and trucks are designed to crumple in an accident. That’s an important safety feature, but it means even small crashes can make your car “undriveable.” If that happens then you’re required to report the accident and call for a tow truck. You should consider a vehicle undriveable if:

  • Any of the airbags were deployed
  • The windscreen or windows were broken
  • Fluids are leaking from the engine or fuel tank
  • The crash affected any of the wheels or tyres
  • There is significant damage to any part of the body
  • The seatbelts are locked

If you’re unsure, don’t drive a vehicle that has been in an accident. Small crashes can bend wheels, suspension and steering components, making your car dangerous to drive. Even if you don’t contact the police, you should still call a tow truck and have the vehicle taken to your mechanic.

Do Tow Trucks Have to Report Accidents to My Insurance?

No. Just like reporting car accidents to the police, there is no requirement for tow truck drivers to report an accident to your insurance company. With that said, one of the easiest ways to get in touch with a tow truck is through your insurer. If you’re involved in an accident then your insurance company will be happy to connect you with a nearby towing Ipswich or Brisbane service.

There’s also no legal requirement for drivers to report car accidents to insurance companies. But, we always recommend talking to your insurer, even after small accidents. While it might seem cheaper to sort out the details privately, that can leave you open to serious (and expensive) damage and injury claims. Reporting accidents to your insurer allows you to record the correct details and protect yourself from false claims.

It’s also important to note that the other driver may report the accident, even if you don’t. That can also leave you open to dishonest claims. It’s always better to talk to your insurer – they can help you sort out a tow truck, and they’ll protect you against dishonest drivers.

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