How do drivers in the industry receive emotional support

One of the questions that were asked on our Facebook page are, how do drivers in the industry receive emotional support. Let me start by giving you a further understanding. In particular, for those who know nothing about the towing industry, or even why a tow truck driver would need emotional support. Our work involves a diverse range of towing. From attending a broken down vehicle through to towing a plane. One area of work involves accident towing. While it’s no all of our drivers attend accidents scenes, some of them do. And what they witness can sometimes be quite distressing.
Our team can be witness to a wide range of injuries, from a bump on the head through to seeing a deceased person. This may be a part of the nature of that type of work, but it can still be very upsetting.
Harvey’s Towing are committed to mental health and wellbeing awareness. And we strive to promote an inclusive and supportive workplace. We encourage our staff to take responsibility for their own mental health, and wellbeing. We encourage open communications.
Through this, we aim to reduce the stigma associated with these issues. We apply an integrated approach by having conversations. We check in, we gather feedback from our team. We also provide a two way social support system within our company. We also engage the services of community groups. Provide pathways through GPs, specialists, phone lines and websites. Mental health and wellbeing is a multilayered issue, not only in the towing industry, but also for our whole community. Harvey’s Towing pledged to continually work on improving our mental health awareness. Participate in workshops and to advance our understanding with a goal to improve mental health knowledge. If someone you know is in crisis and you think immediate action is needed, please call emergency services on 000.
You can also contact your doctor, your local mental health crisis service, or go to your local hospital emergency department. I will add some phone numbers and website links below for you. Thank you for joining me. And don’t forget to check in with your mates.
Taeghan MaddenSenior Executive Assistant
Welcome back to our page once again. If you haven’t met me before, my name is Taeghan, and I’m one of the many people that work here at Harvey’s Towing. In fact, I happen to be one of the boss’s daughters, and I’m pretty sure I’m the favourite. Just in case this is the first time that you’re joining us, we are doing this as a part of a series called Towology 101.