How to Get Your Car Towed to a Mechanic

Mechanics are a bit like dentists – it can be tempting to avoid them.

But all types of vehicles need maintenance, and you can’t avoid the mechanic if your car breaks down. When that happens, getting to the mechanic can become a challenge, and you may even need a tow truck.

There’s no need to stress if you break down or your vehicle won’t start. Getting your car, motorbike or truck towed to the mechanic is simple, and we’re going to cover the 3 major steps in this article.

Hearse Car Being Towed Without Keys

Getting your car towed to the mechanic is easy. You just need to:

1. Contact Your Mechanic

You should call your mechanic before you do anything else.

Make sure they have room in their schedule to fix your vehicle – there could be a long wait if they have other vehicles to work on first.

Let the mechanic know that your car is being towed to their shop and find out if they have any specific instructions.

For example, most mechanics have nearby parking spaces that you can use to store your car overnight. You can have your car towed to one of these spaces and deposit the keys in the mechanic’s dropbox.

If you’ve broken down a long way from your normal mechanic, it’s probably more cost-effective to have your car repaired locally. Do some research and look for a nearby mechanic that can fix the issue.

2. Arrange Towing

It’s now time to call for a tow truck. You should pass along the mechanic’s instructions, as well as any relevant details (e.g. where the car is located and what’s wrong with it). The operator will send a tow truck driver to meet you as soon as possible. You can also arrange a specific pick up time that works for you.

If you’re unsure who to call, ask your mechanic or insurance company for their recommendations. They will be able to connect you with a trustworthy towing service.

3. Prepare Your Car to be Towed

Finally, it’s time to prepare the vehicle for towing.

You don’t need to do much here. Simply remove any personal belongings and valuable items from the vehicle. If you have loose items in the car (e.g. in the boot), it’s a good idea to remove these as well, as they can be jostled during towing.

That’s all you need to do – your tow truck driver will handle the rest!

Towing Your Car to a Mechanic After Hours

There’s never a good time to need a tow, especially if your mechanic is shut for the day. If this happens, you may need to wait for morning, or have your car towed home in the meantime.

The tow truck company may also be able to store the car for you overnight in a secure holding yard. There are fees associated with storing vehicles, but this might be more convenient than having your car taken home, only to have it towed to the mechanic in the morning.

Speak to your mechanic before you do anything else.

Towing Your Car to a Mechanic When You’re Broken Down Off-Road

Getting your vehicle towed to the mechanic is one thing if you’ve broken down in the driveway. It’s another matter entirely when you break down while off-roading.

If you’ve got a 4WD and you’re planning to head off the beaten path, make sure you take the phone number for an off-road towing service. Companies like Harvey’s Towing have specially equipped tow vehicles that can rescue you when you’re out on the trails.

It’s also good practice to regularly service your 4WD, carry appropriate recovery gear, and make sure you’re travelling with at least one other vehicle.

Get Your Car to the Mechanic Sooner with Harvey’s Towing Service!

There’s no way around it – you’ll need to visit a mechanic if your vehicle breaks down. Whether you’re stuck in your driveway or the side of a highway, Harvey’s Towing can help you out of a sticky situation!

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