How to Get Your Motorcycle Towed

Sooner or later your motorbike is going to leave you stranded on the side of the road. Maybe it’s because you ran out of fuel or experienced a mechanical failure, or maybe you put the bike down and want to have it towed to your mechanic just to be safe. Whatever the case, all riders will eventually need the help of a professional towing service. Only having two wheels means towing a motorbike safely can be a challenge, and it should always be left to an experienced tow truck driver. But, it never hurts to have an idea of how to tow your motorcycle so you can ensure the work is done properly. We’re going to go over a few things you need to keep in mind when getting your motorcycle towed.


Put Your Own Safety First

Being broken down on the side of the road can be a dangerous place. Your first priority is to make sure you’re in a safe position while you wait for a tow truck to arrive. If it’s safe to do so, move your motorbike away from the road. Avoid standing near your bike if it’s stuck on a road shoulder. Broken down vehicles can distract other drivers and lead to accidents that might cause further damage or injuries that you don’t need.

Make Sure the Towing Company Handles Motorbikes

Towing a motorbike isn’t the same as towing a car or heavy vehicle. Motorbikes are unstable when parked and it takes practice to secure one safely to a tow truck. When you contact a towing company, make sure they’re trained and equipped to transport motorbikes. Asking if they transport motorbikes up front can save your hours of waiting and protect your bike from unnecessary damage during the tow.

Request a Flatbed Tow Truck

Your motorbike might not be very big, but having a full-sized flatbed tow truck will make towing much easier. Modern motorbikes often weigh more than 200kg, and there’s no easy or safe way to get them up onto smaller vehicles like utes. A tow truck with a tilting bed will make it much easier to load the bike. Tilting the bed and lowering it to road level means you won’t have any problems pushing your heavy bike up the incline and onto the truck.

Make sure to request a flatbed tow truck from your towing company to ensure there are no issues getting your bike loaded onto the back.

Get Your Motorbike Tied Down Properly

An experienced tow truck driver won’t have any problem getting your motorbike safely tied down to the bed of their truck. But, it doesn’t hurt to understand what’s going on. There are a few key steps to loading and securing a motorbike on a tow truck:

  • Position the bike in the middle of the tow truck’s bed
  • Rest the bike on its kickstand while the tie downs are prepared
    With the bike standing upright off its stand, secure it with at least four tie-downs at 45 degree angles to the bike – heavier bikes may need more tie-downs
  • Tie-downs should be attached to the frame or to components that can handle the strain, such as the wheels or triple tree
  • Use one of the tie-downs to secure the rear wheel and prevent the bike from shifting in transport

Tie-downs should always be attached firmly without being overtightened. Your tow truck driver will take care of adjusting the straps to keep the bike where it needs to be without causing any damage.

Back the Motorbike Down Safely

The final challenge is unloading the motorbike. If you find yourself helping with this part, always remember to stand clear of the bike’s path. Never stand in front or behind a motorbike while backing it off a tow truck. Standing beside the bike, put both hands on the handlebars and use the front brake to prevent the motorbike from rolling as the tray is tilted. Then, still using the brakes, carefully walk the motorbike down the ramp to the road. It’s a good idea to have the kickstand up and out of the way while you’re moving the bike, just remember to put it back down when you’re done!

Have Your Motorbike Towed by the Professionals at Harvey’s Towing!

Whether you’ve broken down or just need to move your motorbike from one place to another, the team at Harvey’s Towing is equipped to help. Our tow truck drivers are trained to transport motorbikes of all sizes, and we can get your pride and joy where it needs to go. We work with insurance companies across the Brisbane region so we’re available to help if you have been involved in an accident. At any time of the day, our 24/7 towing services can come to you and safely tow your motorbike to a mechanic, back home or to an insurance assessment centre. Get in touch with us to make a booking or call us on (07) 3297 0911 and we’ll send a tow truck to meet you as soon as possible!