How Do Tow Trucks Know Where Your Car Is?

You’re driving along, having a great time belting out your favourite playlist, not really paying attention to where you are. Then it happens. Your car sputters and breaks down, forcing you to pull over on a side street you aren’t familiar with. At this point you’d normally call for help, but how do tow trucks know where your car is when you aren’t sure yourself? The good news is it’s now easy to pass your location onto a tow truck driver when you need a rescue. In this article we’ll go over some of the ways you can pinpoint where you are before you call for a tow truck.

How Do Tow Trucks Know Where Your Car Is?

It’s your job to tell the tow truck driver or dispatcher where your car is. When you call for a tow, the person on the other end of the line will collect a few details about you, your vehicle and your location. This information is passed onto the driver via the radio or specialty dispatch software.

The dispatcher might also give you a phone number you can use to contact your tow truck driver. This is an easy way to get in touch with each other and help them find your car. If you want to make things even simpler, both Google Maps and Apple Maps allow you to share your current location over text messages.

It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to wait with your car if you’re having it towed. If you pass on your location and details about the car (like the make, model and registration number), we’ll take care of the rest. That means you can get a lift home and get on with your day. Your driver will be in touch to let you know when your car is safely delivered to your home, mechanic or insurance holding yard.

How to Find Your Current Location

Tow truck drivers rely on your information to find your car. It can create a small problem if you aren’t sure where you’ve ended up. If you’ve had an accident or are broken down in an unfamiliar area, you’ll need to figure out where you are before you call for a tow truck. To find your current location you can:

Check your surroundings. Being in a strange area can be daunting, but stay calm and check your surroundings for road signs, landmarks or a street address. You don’t need to know exactly where you are – a tow truck driver will usually be able to find you as long as they know which road you’re on. You can also tell the driver about landmarks like shopping centres, train stations or a major highway.

Use Google Maps. You can connect to Google Maps even if you don’t have mobile reception. Open the app on your phone and zoom in on the blue dot – this is your current location. If you zoom in far enough you should be able to see the street name and the street number of a nearby property. Tap on the blue dot to get more information.

Use Apple Maps. Apple Maps also displays your current location as soon as you open the app. You can also tap on the blue dot showing your location if you need more information about the area. This will display things like nearby businesses that can be used as landmarks.

If you’re using a modern smartphone you can also use voice commands through Siri or Google Assistant to find your location. Simply ask the phone for your current street address or GPS coordinates!

How Tow Trucks Find Your Car After an Accident

If you’re injured in an accident then you might not be able to tell a towing company where you are. In this case we usually rely on information from emergency services, insurance companies or other drivers. If you’re busy with the paramedics or are heading to hospital for a checkup then you don’t need to worry – we’ll sort out the details to make sure your car is stored safely until you can collect it.

Make Sure You Get Home Safely with Harvey’s Towing Service!

Accidents and breakdowns are always stressful, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar area. If you find yourself in that position then the first thing to remember is to stay calm. Modern phones make it easy to find your current location. That means a truck from Harvey’s Towing can be with you as soon as possible! Harvey’s Towing operates all over South East Queensland. Our drivers spend all day on the road, so we’re familiar with every suburb and we’ll be able to find your car, no matter where you’ve broken down. You can contact us online at any time to book a tow, or call us on 07 3297 0911 for our 24/7 accident and breakdown towing services!