Myths About Having Your Car Towed

Luckily, most of us will only need to call a tow truck a few times in our lives. Modern cars are very reliable and they can go years between accidents or sudden breakdowns. But the fact that we don’t deal with tow trucks very often has helped spread more than a few industry misconceptions. From damaged cars to bill shock and long wait times, having your car towed is sometimes associated with some pretty unfair myths. We’re going to clear up a few of those myths right here, and we’ll hopefully answer some of the questions you have about getting your car towed in the process!

1. Towing Can Damage Your Car

One of the oldest towing myths, the idea that towing a car can cause damage is actually rooted in fact. Improperly towing a car, motorbike or other vehicle can cause damage. Not only is there potential to cause damage when loading and unloading vehicles, using the wrong towing methods, tie-down points and improper preparation can all lead to a damaged vehicle.

The good news is that the potential for damaging your car is limited to amatuer towing attempts. It takes training and practice to become a good tow truck driver, and choosing to move a car yourself can be a costly mistake. The two common methods of towing your own car both pose their own risks:

  • Rope towing is only legal at low speeds in perfect road conditions, and it requires both drivers to work in perfect harmony. Towing using ropes or chains puts both vehicles and drivers at risk of serious damage.
  • Towing with your own car trailer is also risky and should never be attempted by anyone who’s inexperienced at loading cars onto trailers, tying them down properly or towing heavy loads.

2. Towing Companies Only Move Cars

Most of us are familiar with breakdown towing. It’s an unavoidable fact of life that cars break down sometimes, and yours will probably leave you stranded sooner or later. But towing companies offer services that extend way beyond rescuing drivers who’ve broken down on the side of the road.

In fact, plenty of towing companies expand their business by offering services that cover just about everything. From towing cars and motorbikes to trailers, caravans, trucks and more, you should be able to find a towing company that can move pretty much anything. Depending on the equipment they have available, your towing company might also be available for off-road recoveries, heavy haulage towing and moving other objects like machinery and shipping containers.

3. Car Towing is Expensive

When you’ve broken down or need accident towing, having to pay for a tow truck can feel like a major expense. But while it might cost you a couple of hundred dollars to get your car taken to a mechanic, the actual expenses involved with towing make the pricing very reasonable.

Consider that the cost of towing your vehicle needs to cover a range of overhead expenses, including:

  • The cost of the tow truck
  • Driver training
  • Driver wages
  • Fuel and distance travelled
  • Maintenance of tow vehicles
  • Maintenance of towing equipment

The tilt-tray trucks used to move passenger cars often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars when new. These tow trucks are also loaded with specialist equipment that needs meticulous maintenance and in-depth training to ensure it’s all working properly when you need it to. Put that together and the cost of getting your car towed home seems pretty cheap.

Plus, the price of accident towing services is limited in Brisbane. To make sure drivers are getting a fair deal, the Government regulates the industry and sets a maximum amount that towing services can charge to move your car after an accident.

4. Tow Trucks are Limited to Built-Up Areas

You’re probably familiar with seeing tow trucks on your local roads and highways, but some towing companies service a much wider area.

Breakdowns and accidents don’t always happen in convenient places. Especially in the areas with lots of open roads and bush trails, having a towing company that can rescue you from off-road or remote locations is important. You’ll have to speak to your towing company to find out which areas they service, but it should be possible to find a tow truck driver that can travel just about anywhere to rescue you.

Need Professional Towing Services Without the Myths? Contact Harvey’s Towing!

Tow truck drivers come up against a wide range of industry myths every day. When you’re dealing with people who don’t have much experience with being towed, it’s only natural for them to have odd ideas about how the whole thing works. The good news is that towing Brisbane Northside services are safer, more reliable and more affordable than ever! Harvey’s Towing strives to make sure our customers are thrilled with our service every time. We work throughout Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and beyond, and our tow truck drivers can make sure your car gets where it needs to go. You can contact us online to make a booking, or phone 07 3297 0911 if you need our 24/7 towing service.