Harvey’s Towing Service offer a comprehensive suite of services which include Sharps Testing, Meth Testing & Vehicle decontamination


Are you concerned about safety and well-being?

Do you want to take proactive measures to protect your clients, yourself and your loved ones?

Did you know that almost two-thirds of recovered stolen vehicles contain some sort of hazard within them; hazards that place you, our workers, contractors and the general public at serious risk?

Methamphetamine residue and accidental needle pricks pose a grave health threat and have serious consequences.

By identifying and addressing potential contamination, we help to safeguard the health and well-being of occupants, especially children and vulnerable individuals, ensuring they are not exposed to harmful substances.

Sharps and Hazard sweeping on vehicles is a proactive approach not only to mitigate risk of accidental injuries and disease transmission but to contribute to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for Harvey’s Towing Service workers and various members of the community. Sharps, which include needles, syringes, potential drug-related instruments and any other hazardous objects can carry the risk of transmitting infectious diseases and can cause serious injury if mishandled or discarded improperly. Having one of our assessment technicians test your vehicle for the presence of sharps and hazardous items helps to identify potential risks that can be removed and disposed of correctly which otherwise could have been a significant health risk to you, if you come into contact with the hazardous item. Sharp and hazard sweeping on vehicles thus plays a pivotal role in upholding public health standards and fostering a safer and healthier living environment for everyone.

Our vehicle decontamination services use specialised techniques to thoroughly clean and decontaminate your vehicles interior, eliminating any potential hazards, allergens or harmful substances. Regulatory bodies recognise the potential dangers posed by methamphetamine production and its usage within vehicles, as it can lead to hazardous situations and harm to individuals.
Testing vehicles for methamphetamine residue helps to identify vehicles that have been used for drug-related activities and by employing our services, we can take appropriate actions such as testing for residue, residue level results and decontamination of the vehicle.


Why choose our services?

  • Technology – We utilise cutting-edge tools and techniques for accurate testing and thorough decontamination, ensuring your safety
  • Expert team – Our highly trained professionals have the expertise to identify and address potential hazards swiftly and effectively
  • Comprehensive solutions – our services cover a wide range of environments for complete and safe coverage
  • Peace of mind – by investing in our services, you are taking tangible steps toward creating a safe and healthier space for everyone, everywhere
  • Community well-being – demonstrating your commitment to safety extends to your community, fostering an environment of care and responsibility

Secure your vehicle with our Sharps, Meth and Vehicle Decontamination Services today!

Safety isn’t just a priority – it’s an assurance we are committed to delivering!

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