Those bloody towies damaged my car

These phrases would happen to be the most common claims of damage or theft that we hear. Welcome back to our short series of, you asked, we answered, Towology 101. In this video I want to address the damages and complaint allegations that we receive. Firstly, let me start by saying that we don’t need your fuel. The biggest thing that we would like you to consider is that your vehicle has most likely been sitting for a long period of time. And in certain weather conditions such as intense heat, particularly here in Queensland, the fuel in the car will evaporate rapidly. Fuel can even evaporate in room temperature, or if the tank is not air tight. So, just keep this information in mind before you get angry at the towing. In relation to the damage complaints, it is our experience, more times than not, that the damage was there before the tow truck company had even attended the vehicle.

We had an example of that just this week, where we received a customer complaint that we’d damaged the motor of their vehicle, which now needs replacing. And that we damaged the front bar along with the underside of the vehicle with a forklift. Keep in mind that this vehicle was being towed because the vehicle wouldn’t start, upon arriving at the scene, our operator finds a rod and a piston on the front floor of the car, along with noticing the hole where they both had exited the motor. I’m not a mechanic, but I’m pretty sure that is why the vehicle wouldn’t start. After receiving the complaint, we arranged at our own cost to pick the vehicle up and assess the damage allegations. It didn’t take long for the mechanics to establish the motor issue. They then looked at the underneath the vehicle where it was alleged that the fork that we had used to move the vehicle had damaged the underside of the car.

Upon inspection, the mechanics found multiple sites where the vehicle had hit curbs and gutters, along with multiple scrape marks from bottoming out. No, this is not the case every time. And yes, we sometimes have accidents ourselves where our operators have caused damage but please know that this is not intentional, and just because they’re a towie, doesn’t mean they’re a scumbag. You would not believe the amount of times we’ have heard this. Our operators do their best to take care of your vehicle and our admin team do their best to investigate any allegation made against our company. This process is quite detailed and involves many unpaid hours of work investigating these matters. Our aim is to handle complaints fairly, efficiently and effectively. To help yourself and us, I would recommend that you take as many photos as possible prior to having your vehicle towed. Photos can heavily assist in any investigation.

And to be honest, you would be surprised how many minor damages is on your vehicle when you take a really close look. So, please help us out to help you. Report any damage directly via message or on our Facebook page, or to reports, which I will link to the email address below. Chasing our tails with false allegations takes us away from being your knight in a shiny truck. We’ll catch you next time on Towology 101, and in the meantime, if you have any questions that you want answered, hit me up on Messenger and I’ll be sure to answer them in our upcoming videos.

Taeghan MaddenSenior Executive Assistant
Welcome back to our page once again. If you haven’t met me before, my name is Taeghan, and I’m one of the many people that work here at Harvey’s Towing. In fact, I happen to be one of the boss’s daughters, and I’m pretty sure I’m the favourite. Just in case this is the first time that you’re joining us, we are doing this as a part of a series called Towology 101.