Tow aways or private property parking and towing

Tow aways or private property parking and towing are now government regulated, finally. In April 2018, the removal of parked vehicles from publicly accessible private car parks and roads, by tow operators, were regulated by the Queensland government. Putting in place guidelines and rules surrounding this practice. If you want to read any of this information, you can find it on the TMR website.
Can I just say that this area of towing never flows easily. We are constantly threatened, and accused of stealing people’s property and called some pretty horrible names.
Let me put a couple of scenarios to you. You’re going to the footy as the Suncorp Stadium, or you’re out in Fortitude Valley, wanting to see a show at the Judith Wright theatre, or you’re wanting to go to the shop in the next complex. The car park you’re at has signs saying that only patrons’ car parks there. You make the decision to ignore those notices, and park there anyway. When you get back to your car, it’s gone, or perhaps in the process of being towed away. Whose fault is this? Does the tow operator deserve to be called ‘a rip off’ or ‘scum’? No, they don’t.
The owners of these car parks have to pay huge rent. They do this for their patrons. When the car parks are full with cars of people who are not supporting their businesses. They’re well within their rights, as long as they follow the regulations, to have their vehicles towed away. Don’t forget the businesses also have legislation that they have to comply with. So once again, make sure that you are informed, by getting on the TMR website, and know your rights.
I hope this gives you a better understanding of private property towing. Stay safe on the roads.
Taeghan MaddenSenior Executive Assistant
Welcome back to our page once again. If you haven’t met me before, my name is Taeghan, and I’m one of the many people that work here at Harvey’s Towing. In fact, I happen to be one of the boss’s daughters, and I’m pretty sure I’m the favourite. Just in case this is the first time that you’re joining us, we are doing this as a part of a series called Towology 101.