Towing Brisbane Northside


We offer accident and breakdown towing Brisbane Northside. Contact us 24/7 to find a tow truck if you need help.


Our heavy haulage fleet can transport vehicles and loads up to 21 tonnes. Call our team now for Towing Brisbane Northside services.


We transport shipping containers, general trade and other bulky equipment as part of our towing Brisbane Northside services.


With tow trucks offering capacities of up to 6 cars, we can provide car carrying and transport services across North Brisbane.


Our towing Brisbane Northside handles Sharps Analysis and Sharps Removal to ensure the safety of vehicles and accidents.

About Our Operators Offering Towing Brisbane Northside

There’s never a good time to be involved in an accident or have your vehicle break down. If you find yourself in that situation, it’s better to deal with a Towing Brisbane Northside service that offers compassion and understanding. Harvey’s Towing Brisbane Northside operators will always provide professional, friendly and efficient services. Whether you’re late for work or just out with friends, we’ll make sure your vehicle is taken care of and help get your day back on track.

Our towing Brisbane Northside services are here to take the stress out of accidents, breakdowns and moving your vehicles. Whenever you need us, our tow trucks are available across North Brisbane to assist you and ensure you get where you’re going.

The Benefits of Harvey’s Towing Brisbane Northside Services

Modern cars, trucks and motorbikes are highly reliable, but all motorists will need towing Brisbane Northside at some point. Whether you’ve broken down, need to move an unregistered vehicle or simply want to transport trade equipment, it’s always a good idea to have a reliable towing company in your contact list. When you contact Harvey’s for towing Brisbane Northside, we’re able to offer a few benefits that set us apart from other operators:

  • Flexibility: We’ve had more than four decades to develop our towing services and build our fleet. That means we have tow trucks of all varieties and that we can offer safe, reliable transport for motorbikes, cars, 4WDs, trucks and general trade equipment. Whatever you need from us, we have the flexibility to come to you with our Towing Brisbane Northside services and make sure your day stays on track.
  • Availability: Harvey’s Towing is an established presence on Brisbane’s Northside and throughout South East Queensland. With such a wide footprint, we’ve got tow trucks spread out across the region, and we have the systems to help you out wherever you are. Harvey’s Towing has seven holding yards across Brisbane, dozens of tow trucks and a GPS dispatch system that means we’re never far away when you need help.
  • Compassion: Our experienced operators have seen it all over the years, and we know that you’re probably having a bad day if you’re calling for a Towing Brisbane Northside. We set ourselves apart by offering genuine compassion and concern for your situation. Our goal is always to provide towing services that look after your safety. We don’t just focus on towing your vehicle – our operators are trained to put you first and ensure you’re delivered safely to your destination.

Problems Towing Brisbane Northside Addresses

We make sure we’re always offering safe and reliable towing Brisbane Northside by providing extensive training to our operators. By offering the equipment and instruction our drivers need, we’re able to deliver a fleet of tow trucks that’s ready to handle a wide range of problems, including:

  • Breakdown and accident towing that’s available to come to you 24/7. You can always contact our Towing Brisbane Northside operators if you’ve been in a collision or are stuck and need assistance. We have holding yards across South East Queensland, including Eagle Farm. The operators at our Eagle Farm location are available across Brisbane North, and they can offer assistance in Brisbane CBD, Chermside, Aspley, Paddington, Toowong and all the suburbs in between.
  • With a fleet that includes heavy haulage towing vehicles, we’re equipped to transport vehicles and goods up to 21 tonnes. Our heavy haulage vehicles include bogie drive tilt trays, super tilts and under lifts that are ready to move trucks, semis and other commercial vehicles.
  • We tow all types of vehicles and equipment. From cars and motorbikes to trucks, semis, trade equipment and objects like shipping containers, our towing Brisbane Northside services can transport just about anything.


Harvey’s Towing Service was established in 1977 to provide specialised services to customers who needed reliable and affordable towing. We’ve gone from strength to strength since then, and we now offer towing Brisbane Northside and throughout South East Queensland.

We’ve spent decades building our fleet and presence, and we’re proud to offer services that cover breakdown and accident towing, heavy haulage, trade logistics, heavy-duty transport and more. When you work with us, you’ll get a Towing Brisbane Northside operator that’s equipped to handle the vehicles or equipment you’re transporting. With options available to support residential, commercial and government clients, our capabilities are available to anyone who needs them.

Since we often meet people when they’re having a bad day, we train our operators to focus on customer needs and safety first. The support we offer is designed to help you out in moments of need and ensure that you and your vehicle make it home safely.

If you’re stuck on the side of the road then you’re welcome to call our towing Brisbane Northside hotline 24/7. If you need to transport vehicles, equipment, plant or other loads then feel free to contact us at any time.