What is Heavy Haulage Towing

Towing vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. When you break down in your car, a standard tilt tray will probably be the type of truck that comes to rescue you. But it’s not always cars that break down. Trucks, large vehicles and equipment like earthmovers also need transport from time to time. Heavy haulage towing is the service that encompasses all of those things and makes sure heavy vehicles and loads can get around on Brisbane’s roads. If you drive a truck or need to shift an unusual load, it’s worth understanding heavy haulage and whether it’s the right service for you.

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What Falls Under Heavy Haulage?

Light vehicles like cars typically weigh less than two tonnes. They’re also relatively compact at just a few metres long. That makes them very simple to transport on the back of a tow truck if you ever break down or need to move a car. Heavy haulage is a little different. Large or heavy vehicles and loads, like trucks, shipping containers and heavy equipment, need specialist towing solutions. As the size of the load increases, so too does the size of the truck you need to carry it. Heavy haulage trucks are specially designed and fitted for the task, with additional power, chassis reinforcement and robust drivetrains to help carry and spread the load. With their modifications, heavy haulage tow trucks can be used to carry loads up to 21 tonnes. When you’re transporting workshop machinery or need to carry an oversized vehicle, heavy haulage can look after your needs.

How is Heavy Haulage Towing Different?

Heavy haulage towing is much more versatile than the standard tilt trays often used for vehicle breakdowns and transport. Most light vehicles only weigh a few tonnes – not a problem for standard tilt trays. But, people often need to tow larger vehicles and loads, like heavier trucks, earth moving equipment and even shipping containers or large pieces of machinery.

Heavy haulage towing is designed for those times. Heavy haulage trucks are designed to take the extra load, with fleets often being made up of bogie drive tilt trays, super tilts and heavy-duty under lifts. These larger trucks can safely tow or carry heavier loads, sometimes working alongside loading equipment like cranes to help load and unload the truck.

How to Know if You Need a Heavy Haulage Tow

If you’ve ever broken down on the side of the road and called a tow truck, you probably noticed that standard tilt trays aren’t very large. They’re great for light vehicles, caravans, motorbikes and small equipment like forklifts, but they aren’t large or powerful enough to tow bigger loads. If you need to tow or move a heavy or oversized vehicle, you will need heavy haulage towing. Our bogie tilt trays and super tilts can handle much larger vehicles up to 21 tonnes, or we also use heavy haulage under lifts to tow vehicles like trucks with semi-trailers.

Similarly, if you need to transport or move large vehicles like excavation equipment, heavy haulage towing is probably the service you need. Many large pieces of equipment are too large and too heavy for light tilt trays and need a specialised solution. This also applies to static loads like machinery and shipping containers that are too large to fit on smaller trucks.

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Harvey’s Towing offers a huge range of specialist heavy haulage transport options. Whether your truck has broken down or you need to move a piece of heavy equipment, our range of bogie drive tilt trays, under lifts and super tilts can get your cargo where it needs to go. We have solutions for whatever you need to transport! Get in touch with Harvey’s Towing at any time if you need our heavy haulage services and we’ll send a tow truck to meet you as soon as possible.