My Car Got Towed in Brisbane – What to do

Many of the roads, public and private properties around Brisbane are subject to parking restrictions. Depending on where you are, parking can be freely allowed or tightly regulated. Most parking restrictions are in place to keep roads clear and prevent drivers from creating unnecessary hazards. In those cases, the council or the owner of a private property might have your car towed if it’s unlawfully parked. If you return to your car and find it gone, don’t panic. In this article we’ll help you figure out whether your car was towed, where it was taken and what you need to do next.

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Where Was Your Car?

Cars are usually towed when they’re parked on roads or properties where they aren’t allowed to be. Look around for signs that indicate whether or not you’re allowed to park there. In places like Brisbane CBD there are streets where parking is only allowed during certain hours of the day, or where parking is paid at certain times.

If you’re towed from a public road or public property, you’ll need to contact your local council first. The council will be able to confirm whether your car was towed and where it was taken. Brisbane City Council issues various fines and fees for unlawful parking and towing vehicles. You will often need to pay the towing fees before you can retrieve your vehicle.

Towing From Private Property

Parking on private property is considered ‘unregulated parking’. The owner can choose to set and enforce their own parking restrictions, which can include towing unauthorised vehicles. In some cases, private parking operators cooperate with their local council for the council to enforce parking restrictions. All cars towed from private property are required to be taken to the nearest licensed holding yard.

That said, the owners of private property can’t simply have your car towed on a whim. The owner or occupier of a private property is required to provide appropriate parking signage before they can lawfully remove vehicles. Signs that are clearly visible and large enough for drivers to read form a simple contract that gives the owner the right to remove unauthorised vehicles. If you were parked on private property then you’ll need to look for signs stating whether or not you’re allowed to park your vehicle there. If no signage was provided and your car was towed, you may be able to recover your expenses from the owner of the property.

Towing After an Accident

The Queensland government regulates towing after car accidents to make sure crash sites are managed effectively. Drivers are entitled to choose their own towing service after an accident. You can contact your insurance provider and have them arrange a tow, or you can contact a private towing company yourself.

The tow truck driver will provide a written statement that includes details of the cost of towing and the address where the vehicle will be taken. Don’t sign incomplete forms that are missing details. If your car is taken to a holding yard, you can’t be charged storage fees for the first 72 hours after the accident. You can also have your car taken to a mechanic, an insurance assessment centre or to your home address.

If you’re injured or otherwise unable to oversee the towing of your car, a police officer or someone acting on your behalf can sign the towing authority.

Avoid Extra Charges

Having your car towed is frustrating, and there’s often fees involved with getting it back. Make sure you avoid extra charges by retrieving the car as soon as you can. There are often additional fees for storing your vehicle for longer periods of time. The longer your car sits in the storage yard, the more it will cost to retrieve it. You should collect the vehicle immediately even if you plan on disputing the fact it was towed. It’s much simpler to pay a smaller fee up front and dispute it later than to risk paying higher fees days or weeks later.

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